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The wattshock is a regenerative suspension retrofit shock. It is a component which generates electricity from previously wasted kinetic energy.

The shocks are independent alternators and can replace the engine driven alternator on heavy vehicles.They can increase MPG, decrease emissions, run high load electronic accessories, produce hydrogen by electrolysis.

This regenerative suspension shock, the wattshock, will help buses, waste collection trucks, fleets, mining equipment increase fuel efficiency by exploiting the weight of the vehicle to generate electricity.

Hydraulic pressure from down force, is used to power an alternator. This allows Off Road vehicles to utilize the energy of long travel suspension, or heavy duty suspension, to produce electricity.
  • The wattshock offers an even greater advantage when combined with regenerative braking.
  • The regenerative suspension works whenever the vehicle is moving, not just upon braking.
  • The regenerative wattshock produces electricity to compliment regenerative braking.
  • The regenerative shock improves overall vehicle energy efficiency.
  • The wattshocks work by extending battery range or MPG on EV's hybrids, buses, conventional vehiclesand heavy equipment.